“Danger Zone” Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd (MAP)

The primary access to Mt. Diablo State Park is a small, narrow, old country road called Mt. Diablo Scenic Boulevard.  At the end of its brief, one-mile-long existence, is a half mile long exceptionally narrow and twisting section we’ve taken to calling “The Danger Zone,” particularly after the fatality of 6/26/2019.  

This short stretch of lethality starts with a blind crest over a hill and then dives into the first of five blind curves, which also includes a permanent and slippery area of water seepage, followed by an especially narrow and deeply shaded section which impairs drivers’ ability to see oncoming traffic of any kind.  After that, there are two more blind curves that proceed steeply uphill (8-10% grade), finishing with a final blind curve as the road enters the Park.