Diablo Road Trail Alignment

Bike Danville is working with the Town of Danville on the Diablo Road Trail Alignment Alternative (C-055). The 8-foot wide multi-use paved pathway from Fairway to Alameda Diablo will parallel Diablo Road on the South side, approximately 1,000ft. The project will span approximately 4,500 linear feet with the westerly terminus located at the intersection of Diablo Road/Fairway Drive and the easterly terminus located approximately 400 feet west of the intersection of Diablo Road/Avenida Nueva.

The project will connect, and provide an extension to, and existing 0.5 mile multi-use paved pathway that is located on the north side of Diablo Road that spans between the intersections of Diablo Road/Green Valley to the west and Diablo Road/Calle Arroyo ot the east.

The total cost is around $4,000,000. The Town of Danville has approximately $2,000,000 in the bank. Danville will apply for the reamining amount thru the Active Transportation Program (ATP).

Endorsed by Valley Spokesmen, Mount Diablo Cyclists, Bike Danville, San Ramon Valley Mountain Bike Club, Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay and Bike East Bay. It will give cyclists and hikers safer options to Diablo Road and Mount Diablo State Park.

The San Ramon Valley Mountain Bike Club (SRVMTB) has endorsed the Magee Preserve (letter below). This is a Great Group of more than 90 middle and high school students

Breaking News for Bikers and Hikers! The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) in an official letter to the Danville Town Manager has affirmed its formal support for Magee Preserve!

This means that the Park District will officially take responsibility in perpetuity for the protection of 343 acres of the 381 acres of the new permanent open space at Magee Preserve.

This will expand the Sycamore Valley Open Space Regional Preserve and provide 3.5 miles of new hiking and biking trails within Danvilles trail network and allow you to connect to Mount Diablo State Park.

Magee Preserve from South Gate Road, Mount Diablo State Park