Path/Easement Lawsuit

Contra Contra County Superior Court Public web site: Online Services, Public Case Access Site, Case MSC17-02529, year 2017

We Need Your Help to Keep the Public Path/Easement Open!

In anticipation of a possible court trial, please send an email/letter describing your use of the Public Path/Easement connecting Alameda Diablo and Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd. Send the email to Kathy Urbelis, President Diablo Community Service District Board and CC 

Please include the following:

  • We would like the Contra Costa County Superior Court to take a position in support of the legality of the Path/Easement based on its public use.
  • The date you first started using the Path/Easement?
  • How many years have you used the Path/Easement?
  • How many times per week, month, year(s) have you used the Path/Easement?
  • Why you want the Path/Easement to be Kept Open.
  • Are you willing to testify in court (Martinez) about your use of the Path/Easement?
  • Your Contact Information

The issues are: (1) Is the current pathway a legal easement. The property owners do not object to the pathway being used by the public to go between Alameda Diablo and Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd. If we can prove the public has been using it for the purpose it was dedicated, we believe the Court will declare it an easement for the public, even though the State has not accepted it.