(Photo - left to right: Dave Williams, Bruce Bilodeau (Vice-Chair), Alan Kalin (Chair), Angela Wang, Tyler Choe (Youth Commissioner), Elliott Call, Commissioner is not in the photo)

The Bicycle Advisory Commission (BAC) held its first in-person meeting n January 23, 2023. The BAC advises the Town of Danville Council and Staff on matters related to:

  1. Implementation of the Townwide Bicycle Master Plan
  2. Condition, operations, and safety of existing bicycle facilities and other non-motorized forms of transportation.
  3. Review of proposed bicycle-related policies, programs, projects, plans, funding applications, and legislation.
  4. Coordination with the public including bicycle-related organizations, the business community, and other local agencies to promote cycling projects and programs.
  5. Development and dissemination of bicycle awareness and education materials to the community.

Town of Danville Bicycle Advisory Commission Work Plan 2022/23 and Subcommittees

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