On March 15, 2022, the Town of Danville established a Bicycle Advisory Commission. This is a Historic Day for Cyclists! The Commission shall consist of six regular members, one of whom shall be a Youth Commissioner. To apply visit https://www.danville.ca.gov/284/Commission-Recruitment

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Danville Bicycle Master Plan Town Adopts Town-Wide Bicycle Master Plan On July 6, the Town Council approved Danville’s first-ever Townwide Bicycle Master Plan. Adoption of the Plan concludes a nearly two-year process. That process included an extensive effort to reach out to Danville cyclists of all ages and abilities to identify the programs, policies, and physical improvements that will best…

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*BREAKING NEWS! HISTORIC MOMENT! On June 8, 2021 the Danville Town Council conducted a Study Session to Review the “Draft Bicycle Master Plan.” On July 6, 2021 the Town Council will Vote to Adopt the Final Bicycle Master Plan(BMP). To view the Danville Video Presentation of the BMP, click here……Enjoy!! 

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96 Bicycle Involved Collisions were Reported to California Highway Patrol (CHP) Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) 2020-2009. We believe this number is LOW, missing documents. No SWITRS Reported Bicycle Involved Collisions in 2018

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SPECIAL THANKS to the DANVILLE POLICE for contacting the Registered Owner of this Honda! Near-Miss Bike vs Vehicle Collision, Diablo Road and Green Valley Road Intersection (Turn up Volume). Bike Danville is working with the Town of Danville to make the streets safer for Cyclists, Motorists and Pedestrians! If this happens to you, please contact your local Police Department, CHP and/or County Sheriff and ask them to Contact the Registered Owner of the Vehicle!

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Town of Danville Official FAQs Magee Ranch Development

The Town of Danville FAQs are below or click here to their site

1.What is The Magee Preserve Project?

This is a proposal by Davidon Homes to develop approximately 29 acres (or 7%) of the 410-acre project site with 69 single family homes and seven attached secondary dwelling units (a.k.a. “casitas” or “in-law units”) As shown on the project site plan on the project page, the proposed lots are shown in blue while the remaining 381 acres (shown in white) would be converted to permanent open space.

2.Is it a development on an Open Space Preserve?

No.  The name of the proposed project selected by the developer is The Magee Preserve.  If approved, the project would set aside approximately 93% of the site as permanent open space.  However, at this time the property is privately owned by the Magee family and has development rights based on General Plan and zoning regulations established long before the Town’s incorporation.

3.Where is it located?

As shown on the site plan (on the project page), the property is located on the south side of Diablo Road and Blackhawk Road extending approximately two miles east from the intersection of Diablo Road/Green Valley Road/McCauley Road. Most

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Diablo Road Improvements

 Bike Danville partnered with the Town of Danville to design and implement significant Diablo Road (1.8 mile) bike, vehicle and pedestrian safety improvements: Hartz Ave to Green Valley Intersection. SPECIAL THANKS to the Danville Council, Planning Commission and Staff!  Status Update on Town wide Bicycle Improvements, CIP C-621  

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Diablo Road Trail Alignment

Bike Danville is working with the Town of Danville on this Amazing New Diablo Road Trail Alignment Option. The Update above is from the Town of Danville (Oct 27, 2020). Visit their official web page below for more information. https://www.danville.ca.gov/853/Diablo-Road-Trail    

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Bicycle Video Detection Systems

The Camera detects bicycles! The bicycle silhouette light turns blue and the system tracks you and provides sufficient time for you to ride safely through the intersection. Special Thanks to the Town of Danville! Use the Danville Connect App to report any problem with the detection system. The Bicycle Video Detection Systems have been installed…

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