The PG&E Dangerous Situation (video below) was reported to CHP Dispatch at 8:40am. CHP did NOT respond. At 9:40 am PG&E finished their work.

PG&E ignored Safety Standards for a few hours this morning on Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd! At the same Dangerous Blind Curve#2 where a Cyclist was hit and killed by a SUV (June 2019)! PG&E installed only one sign in the North bound Direction, “Road Work Ahead.” NO FLAGMAN TO DIRECT TRAFFIC!

Motorists and Cyclists going up/down were on their own as they were channelized into a narrow lane with NO Direction from PG&E! A cyclist could have been killed today! I spoke to the PG&E Supervisor, Marcus. I told him that a cyclist had been killed where he parked one of the large blue trucks. I informed him that hundreds of cyclist and vehicles would be traveling up/down this Dangerous Blind Curve on their way to South Gate Road and Mount Diablo State Park.

I asked him to correct this Dangerous Situation Immediately, put out FLAGMEN AT BOTH ENDS TO CONTROL TRAFFIC AND KEEP CYCLISTS AND MOTORISTS SAFE! He moved a few vehicles and continued work, Endangering Motorists and Cyclists! I called 911 – CHP Dispatch at 8:40 and reported the Dangerous Situation. By 9:40 PG&E finished their work, no CHP, called 911 – CHP Dispatch and canceled the requested. Please Share this with PG&E before a Cyclists is Killed! (Three Large Blue Trucks License#: 3710732, 07107S2, 55454H1) (Two White Pickups License#8W83662)