• Since February 2021, we’ve sent several emails requesting a written response to the letter below. CHP has refused to provide a written response.
  • Since February, we’ve also repeatedly requested to meet. CHP has refused to meet with us to discuss the safey concerns in the letter
  • On February 22, 2021 we spoke to Deputy Chief Charlie Sampson concerning the February 1, 2021 letter.  He promised to “review the safety concerns/letter” and send us a written rely. Still waiting for the CHP reply!
  • On May 26th, we called again and requested a meeting with the CHP Commander and a written reply to the Feb 2, 2021 letter. Still waiting for the CHP reply! Still waiting for the meeting
  • On June June 16, we sent All the emails since February 2, 2021. Still waiting for the CHP reply.