The PowerPoint (PDF) slide presentation (September 26, 2022) is below

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Iron Horse Trail

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The Town of Danville recently installed Flashing STOP Signs on the Iron Horse Trail. From 2007 to 2018 there were 16 Bike vs Vehicle Collision on the Iron Horse Trail: Greenbrook (6), El Capitan (3), San Ramon Valley Blvd (3), Paraiso Dr (1), Del Amigo Rd (1), Prospect Ave (1) and Love Lane (1).

Special Thanks to the Town of Danville!


The Iron Horse Trail is a great place for families, couples and individuals to get exercise during this Pandemic! Special Thanks to Everyone for Keeping the proper Social Distance as they walk, jog or ride their bike! Cyclists; please remember to use a bell or announce On Your Left Before Passing, 15mph and STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS along the Iron Horse Trial!

Bike vs Vehicle Collisions

Reported to the Traffic Injury Mapping System (TIMS)

Diablo Road Trail Alignment

Bike Danville is working with the Town of Danville on this Amazing New Diablo Road Trail Alignment Option. The Update above is from the Town of Danville (Oct 27, 2020). Visit their official web page below for more information. https://www.danville.ca.gov/853/Diablo-Road-Trail    

bike detection

Bicycle Video Detection Systems

The Camera detects bicycles! The bicycle silhouette light turns blue and the system tracks you and provides sufficient time for you to ride safely through the intersection. Special Thanks to the Town of Danville! Use the Danville Connect App to report any problem with the detection system. The Bicycle Video Detection Systems have been installed…