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Danville Bike Master Plan

Town Adopts Town-Wide Bicycle Master Plan

On July 6, the Town Council approved Danville’s first-ever Townwide Bicycle Master Plan. Adoption of the Plan concludes a nearly two-year process. That process included an extensive effort to reach out to Danville cyclists of all ages and abilities to identify the programs, policies, and physical improvements that will best serve the community. Through a combination of Zoom meetings, in-person “pop up” meetings, and comments submitted online, the Town received input from a wide variety of cyclists.

The plan identifies:

  • 50 location-specific or spot improvements such as enhanced street crossings along the Iron Horse Trail and additional bicycle video detection at larger intersections.
  • 44 roadway corridor improvements such as adding additional high visibility pavement markings and buffers to existing bike lanes and adding additional bike lanes where possible.

The Plan also calls for the creation of a Bicycle Advisory Committee, to be appointed by the Town Council. This Committee would provide input to the Town Council, the Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission, and Town staff on issues involving bike usage and safety. Recruitment for the Committee will begin later this year, check the Town website www.danville.ca.gov for more details.

The Plan is intended to be a living document, which will be reviewed and updated periodically to meet the needs of the community. If you have questions about the Plan or its contents, please contact the Town’s Transportation Manager, Andrew Dillard, at adillard@danville.ca.gov.

Diablo Road Trail Alignment

Bike Danville is working with the Town of Danville on this Amazing New Diablo Road Trail Alignment Option. The Update above is from the Town of Danville (Oct 27, 2020). Visit their official web page below for more information. https://www.danville.ca.gov/853/Diablo-Road-Trail    

bike detection

Bicycle Video Detection Systems

The Camera detects bicycles! The bicycle silhouette light turns blue and the system tracks you and provides sufficient time for you to ride safely through the intersection. Special Thanks to the Town of Danville! Use the Danville Connect App to report any problem with the detection system. The Bicycle Video Detection Systems have been installed…