Go Fund Me Campaign to Restore Safe Access to Mount Diablo State Park


Go Fund Me Campaign to Restore Safe Access to Mount Diablo State Park! Please Donate to Reopen the Historic Easement!

The legality of this fence is very much in question, so legal action is being taken in Contra Costa County Superior Court (Case No. C23-02578) to “Take Down the Fence and Reopen” this Dedicated Public Easement to Mount Diablo State Park. Legal actions cost money and your donation is needed to reach our Goal of $50,000.

Please make a gift to help reopen this 100-year-old Trail Connector so everyone can safely access Mount Diablo State Park.

All money raised, goes directly to the legal team fighting to reopen the Dedicated Public Easement! Gifts of any size are welcome!  Please consider a gift that reflects your ability and support.

This Trail Connector has been used for over 100 years, by thousands of hikers and cyclists to safely access Mount Diablo State Park, allowing them to avoid the most dangerous sections of Diablo Road and Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd. The Dedicated Public Easement connects Alameda Diablo to Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd near the South Entrance to Mount Diablo.  Local mountain bike clubs serving middle and high school students and many others, bike riders, walkers, residents, and non-residents alike, depend on this Trail Connector for safe access to the mountain.

The greater community of neighbors, cyclists, and hikers have extensive evidence that this trail is a public easement, but the issue has never been legally settled. Court action is the only way we can reopen this important Dedicated Public Easement and keep it open.