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We are in the process of analyzing and publishing primary documents concerning the history of the "Danger Zone" Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd from 1920 to 2021. We welcome your suggestions! Please send us any documents, emails, reports, surveys, photos, videos, etc. It's important for All historical documents to be published and shared with everyone! Contact us at bikedanville@yahoo.com

Legal Actions

By bikedanville | July 4, 2021

Private Roads – Subject to a Public Right of Way, Maintained by Public Tax Dollars and a Public Easement Used by Thousands of People to Safely Access Mount Diablo State Park New Sign: Private Roads Patrolled by Contra Costa County Sheriff – Right to Pass by Permission, & Subject to Control, of Owners By bikedanville…

Diablo Road Videos

By bikedanville | July 3, 2021

Diablo Road Videos SPECIAL THANKS to the DANVILLE POLICE for contacting the Registered Owner of this Honda! Near-Miss Bike vs Vehicle Collision, Diablo Road and Green Valley Road Intersection (Turn up Volume). Bike Danville is working with the Town of Danville to make the streets safer for Cyclists, Motorists and Pedestrians! If this happens to…

Danville Bike Safety

By bikedanville | July 3, 2021

DANVILLE BICYCLE ADVISORY COMMISSION By bikedanville | March 17, 2022 On March 15, 2022, the Town of Danville established a Bicycle Advisory Commission. This is a Historic Day for Cyclists! The Commission shall consist of six regular members, one of whom shall be a Youth Commissioner. To apply visit https://www.danville.ca.gov/284/Commission-Recruitment DANVILLE BICYCLE MASTER PLAN By…


By bikedanville | April 4, 2021

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About Us

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BIKE DANVILLE ABOUT US Our Mission is to Improve the Safety for Road and Mountain Cyclists Join Us: Bike Danville Facebook Contact Us: bikedanville@yahoo.com We believe in following the facts and allowing the facts to take us on a journey of discovery. If we misspeak, send us the primary documents to review and we will…


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