"Pathway in Diablo has become the site of a legal battle over the publics right to access it."

DCSD 1:8:19

50 Letters Keep the Path/Easement Open

Below are 50 of the 90 letters sent to the DCSD board asking them to Keep the Path/Easement Open We Need Your Help! Please contact us describing how many years you have used the Path/Easement, date first started and why you believe it should be kept open for the public. Thanks for all you support!

25′ Hiking & Riding Easement

In 1979, a 25’ Riding and Hiking Easement was dedicated to the Department of Parks and Recreation of the State of California.

Connecting Alameda Diablo Road to Mount Diablo Scenic Boulevard, located on the southern edge of 2354 Alameda Diablo Road.