Judge Mockler Will Rule on February 7th: Motion for Preliminary Injunction to Remove 8ft Section of Fence!!

CONCLUSION: "Plaintiffs respectfully request that the Court grant this Motion and issue an order for a preliminary injunction requiring the removal of the portion of the iron fence on U.S. Bank's property blocking the Easement and restoring the public's long-established access."

2024-01-09 (Final) Reply Brief ISO Mtn for Preliminary Injunction

 2024-01-09 (Final) Hammond Dec ISO Reply Brief re Mtn for Preliminary Injunction

2024-01-09 (Final) Objections to Opposition by Wooten

2024-01-09 (Final) Objections to Wooten Evidence

2024-01-09 (Final) Response to Objections by Wooten

2024-01-09 (Final) Reply RFJN ISO Mtn for Preliminary Injunction