Report Safety Hazards

According to Danville Police, “Postal Trucks are NOT ALLOWED to park in the Bike Lane along Diablo Road.NO PARKING/STOPPING ANY TIME signs are posted every few hundred feet.

Postal Trucks are Endangering Cyclists, Motorists and Postal Employee Lives. We are working with the Danville Post Master to find a Safer Way to Deliver the Mail along Diablo Road.

Please add the Danville Connect App to Your Phone and Report All Safety Hazards (potholes, rocks, glass, grates, debris, vehicles parked in bike lane on Diablo Road, Bicycle Video Detection System Not Working, etc.).

Your Report May Prevent a Collision resulting in Serious Injuries and/or possible Fatality!

Special Thanks to the Town of Danville Service Center for responding to All the Issues submitted through Danville Connect!