Response by Eddie Guaracha, Superintendent Diablo Range District. Red highlight added to emphasize his focus on “Road Maintenance” NOT Safety.  Read the April 19, 2021 Letter to Understand how Eddie Guaracha Totally ignored the request to: “implement a safety plan to protect all park visitors traveling through the Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd Danger Zone.”

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2019 December Stakeholder Meeting

Eduardo (Eddie) Guaracha, Diablo Range District Superintendent scheduled the meeting and provided the Agenda below. Participants were Kathy Urbelis, Diablo Community Service District Board Member, Eric Niles, Head of The Athenian School, Allision Knapp, Deputy Director Contra Costa County Public Works, Chris Lau, Contra Costa County Assistant Public Works Director, Lidia Gutierrez, Diablo Ranch Estate (HOA Representative),Mt. Diablo Scenic Residents, Nicola Place and Hal Seibert. Apparently, nothing was accomplished, except to schedule another meeting.

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  • Since February 2021, we’ve sent several emails requesting a written response to the letter below. CHP has refused to provide a written response.
  • Since February, we’ve also repeatedly requested to meet. CHP has refused to meet with us to discuss the safey concerns in the letter
  • On February 22, 2021 we spoke to Deputy Chief Charlie Sampson concerning the February 1, 2021 letter.  He promised to “review the safety concerns/letter” and send us a written rely. Still waiting for the CHP reply!
  • On May 26th, we called again and requested a meeting with the CHP Commander and a written reply to the Feb 2, 2021 letter. Still waiting for the CHP reply! Still waiting for the meeting
  • On June June 16, we sent All the emails since February 2, 2021. Still waiting for the CHP reply.
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